Black Magic Baby Jesus – Exhibition & Performance by Ramin Krause

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We met Ramin when he was here for Michelberger Music, alongside Vincent Moon and his crew of filmmakers. A couple of weeks ago Ramin told us about a special project he has been working on…

One year ago I sailed on a sail boat around the South Pacific and when our boat broke, I was stranded on a small Island. I ended up staying for 6 months, living in villages and recording what I saw. A year later, what came out is a web-series, a one hour ethnological documentary and an experimental self-published photo book. It tells the story of missionaries, of domestic violence and real Black Magic.

Ramin’s idea is to look at new ways to approach storytelling by weaving photos, texts, sounds and films into performances, books, exhibitions, readings and different formats of film. The aim being to create immersive experiences that utilise the digital technology we have at hand nowadays. More information can be found here.

This Thursday evening from 7pm, Ramin will host a little show here at the hotel, in our Whiskey Room. He’ll be exhibiting his images, sharing his films and talking a little about his work. We’re looking forward to one of the first of hopefully many return visits to the hotel by the friends we made during that first weekend of October!

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