Behind the tree

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We were really pleased to hear about an alternative film viewing platform where filmmakers can be paid fairly for their work. Even cooler that it was started here in Berlin by a Michelberger, our first ever event manager Nico who worked at the hotel in 2009 / 2010.

Behind the tree is a streaming platform available in Germany for independent and arthouse films only. Users rent the film and can stream it for 24 hours and the filmmaker gets 75% of the fee for each rental. It’s an open platform where filmmakers can upload their work, including feature lengths, short films and documentaries. The site has curated lists from actors such as Jessica Schwarze and Jan Köppen, and one from the folks over at Mit Vergnügen too. There are lots of German films (many with subtitles) but as it’s an open platform there are also plenty of non-German movies on there too. That’s our winter plans sorted then!