Bar Food Friday: Buffalo & Whiskey / Homie

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This Friday (19th Feb) our Bar Food Friday is back and this time we’re doing Buffalo & Whiskey. The idea is that we bring the restaurant to the bar for a night and serve up some killer dishes based on an ingredient theme and made with the very best produce available then paired with some great craft booze from the bar.

This time we’re showcasing the products of our excellent buffalo farmers Bobalis. The animals there are bred for diary but their meat is also used. We’ll be using their raw & cured sausage, raw meat, mozzarella and we’ll be making a fresh ricotta with the whey from hanging the yoghurt and warming it with fresh buffalo milk.

The flavours we have used to create the dishes have been chosen to match the whiskeys we’ll serve. For example, we’ve smoked the buffalo filet with peat/turf smoke and we’ll serve it together with a peated Irish whiskey. The shoulder is served with malted apple and vanilla and paired with a bourbon which hints at those flavours too.

On the music side, we’re presenting Homie, from Alexei Versino and Luigi di Venere, two well-known Berlin DJs. Alexei explains:

Having the big pleasure to be in touch with the most talented DJs living in Berlin, the aim of the evening is to have artists playing what they usually don’t play in clubs. Imagine how surprising could be to listen to a DJ who usually make thousands of people sweat over the year, just playing what makes himself and people enjoying their sitting times”.

For the second edition of the evening, they will present Luigi Di Venere from Cocktail D Amore and Lucio Aquilina from Nu Guinea.

We’re really excited about this edition of Bar Food Friday! We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow.

Here are a couple of snaps from the Seafood & Sake edition last time:

mh-barfood-sake-01 mh-barfood-sake-02 mh-barfood-sake-03