Bamboozle’s BBQ Jam today 3pm

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Talking about sausages with Eli from Soul Clap.

How hot do you like your sausages?

As hot as possible, I like my taste buds on fire. If it gets too hot a little mustard can cool it right down.

What do you cook to impress ?

The center piece of a good BBQ is always ribs. Nicely marinated steaks are cool, but juicy, fall off the bone ribs always make mouths happy!

Is there any relation between swapping the sausages on the grill and putting records on the turntables?

Well you need to know the right time to flip sausage or switch the record, but making marinades is way more like mixing. You gotta know just the right amount of each spice to throw in there.

What records need to be played with good sausages on a sunday afternoon?

ThisĀ  !