Announcing the Michelberger Booze Company – Launch Party!!

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Michelberger Booze Launch Party

One day when we were exploring the catacombs under the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur, we came across a couple of recipes in the back of a dusty old book. We took those recipes and over the last year, we’ve been busily working away, blending, refining, tasting, hallucinating and today we’re very happy to announce the launch of the Michelberger Booze Company!

After many years lost in the mists of time, we’ve brought these two mysterious drinks back to life: a Kräuterlikor and a Kräuterschnaps. They’re made totally naturally, full of obscure herbs and rare roots. They taste wonderful and we’ve even had reports of some rather psychedelic side effects…

To accompany the booze we’ve built a trippy website and you can see it here:

To celebrate the launch we’re going to have a party, and we’d love you come along and taste it for yourself. It’s at the hotel at 5pm on Sunday 11th December.

Michelberger Booze Bottles

See you there! And bring the talking dog too.