I love it when a plan comes together

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Good things happen often happen spontaneously at the hotel. An ordinary Saturday evening can suddenly turn into a fully emotional one.

The plan for Saturday was this: the restaurant will prepare it’s healthy, tasty food, Volker will wipe and spin his records and the bartender will shake his old-fashioned cocktails.

But suddenly our friend Pete Kartsounes decided to give us a bluesy, folky, funky show with his smoky voice.

But suddenly Marc decided to open his private world to us, to share his deepest art: his impressionistic, maniacally precise and aesthetically dark, short movies.

But suddenly our volleyball team came back from the tournament covered in glory and wanting to swim in Champagne.

And then we decided to transform the evening into a memorable one for all of us, to celebrate three pieces of the Michelberger heart leaving for a new life:

David we will miss your big smile and the long, late night talks in front of many drinks at the bar.

Marc and Franziska, what can we say… The work of a waiter never reached this level of gracefulness. We will miss your elegant, long figures walking around and your strong, funny personalities.

Restaurant opens 7pm

Marc’s movie  8pm in the Whiskey Room

Pete’s show  9pm in the courtyard

Feel warmly invited!